Comet 1.2

Last Update:
Created On: February 4, 2010

It’s nice to see how many of you loved my latest theme Comet, and it seems I’m answering 4-5 questions and support issues every day about it. If you like it please spread the word.

Today version 1.2 of the theme is available on, and I thought I would go through some of the changes (that I remember) I have done to the theme since its release.

  • The Recent Comments, Twitter, and Search widgets are no longer in a fixed position in the sidebar, and can now we placed wherever you want in the standard widget interface. They are named “[FP] Recent Comments” and “[FP] Twitter”?respectively.
  • The Home link in the menu can now we turned off via the options page.
  • The post separator can now be turned off via the options page.
  • There is a new custom field to enter text that will appear in the footer.
  • There is a wide page template that can be assigned to any page. This expands the main column across the entire space and hides the sidebar. Info how to enable this on the Comet page.
  • Stylesheets moved back from its own folder to the main so editing to them via the Editor can be done.
  • …and numerous?tiny changes and corrections to the design.

If you have suggestions for changes or features you would like to see, please don’t hesitate to contact me about it.

Site redesign (again)

Last Update:
Created On: January 19, 2010

Had some time to kill so I redesigned the site. I like it, so I think I will keep it like this… at least for a month. No promises.

Theme Comet now available

Last Update:
Created On: January 14, 2010

I’m happy to announce that my latest theme Comet have been approved on the site. It has been quite long in development and has a lot of features I plan on implementing in other themes, if not all. Some of those features have been requested?by people a lot, such as drop-down menu and theme options page. I’m all open for suggestions, so if you got a thing you want to see in the theme options page just contact me about it.

Redesign: no images – CSS only

Last Update:
Created On: December 27, 2009

Since my computer has been broken for quite some time, and since the low-tech computer I have been using meanwhile can’t really handle Photoshop, I decided to redesign this website without any images.

Compared to other people I already use an extreme minimum of images in my designs, but now I was pushing for the absolute zero number. I was a bit curious to how far you could push design using only CSS without images, and how the different browsers supported it. While there is still a lot of things you can only do with images the things you can do with CSS3 are nothing short of amazing. Gradients, shadows, transparency, etc. And for every thing you do in CSS instead of images you save a bit of loading time.

Thanks to the browser wars that are currently waging every browser is doing their best (except IE) to support the latest techniques, and a lot of the major browsers support a wide range of CSS3 and HTML5 features. But not every one does, and there is always a lot of people who don’t use the latest versions, so the page should still look OK without all the styling. OK is my only requirement, because I’m coding for the future, not the past.

Now I could have gone crazy and thrown around elements everywhere, but I wanted it classy and simple. Very subtle shadows and gradients that you can barely see without squinting, but combined they lift the page from the screen.
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New site design and upcoming theme

Last Update:
Created On: November 29, 2009

Since I recently finished a theme that I decided was worthy enough to be put up on the interwebs I also took the time to redesign the Frostpress site into a style I preferred more. In fact, the site design is inspired by the new blog theme.

I know it has been scant with updates around here for a while, but now I plan on polishing up a few of the themes I have created but never took all the way, so expect to see more activity here in the future. In the near future I will upload my newest creation Tribune to the site, together with updates of all my other themes.

So stay tuned.

Theme Artemis and Exile available

Last Update:
Created On: August 28, 2009

The two themes Artemis and Exile has now been released here on the site. They were planned to be released a long time ago, but other priorities caused them to be delayed. Hopefully I will have time to create new themes or add some features to existing ones now.

I have also decided to not release any of my themes on the site, since I have grown tired of overzealous moderators who seems to follow their own way rather than a standard. So for future updates look here first.