Site redesign and an update on the theme update

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Created On: September 10, 2010

Redesigned the site yet again, hope you like it.

Update on the theme update

The theme review process has changed something dramatically since WordPress 3.0 was launched. A LOT of things that previously got approved no longer does. They demand themes to be perfect (which I approve), and often the only way to know what many of those things are is to send it in for reviewing. Then you have to go look up what the hell that function is, learn it, and then implement it. Next review you get more issues. Yesterday I sent in the 5th edition of Comet 1.4, and it’s my most fervent hope that it’s the last.

Sadly I had to cut out the Droid Serif and Droid Sans fonts since apparently their license wasn’t compatible. All other stuff is still there though.

Once Comet is approved I will throw over all changes to Renegade (it would be a waste of time to send in two themes with almost identical code) and upload that as well.

Then once that is done I have a new theme (no, not Scipio – I’m unhappy with how it turned out) that just need to be coded. It will look like a lot like this website.

Comet is not available on

I’m aware of this. The theme has been suspended because an old script file was suspected to have a vulnerability. I thought I had removed it long ago (I discovered that when I zipped the theme folder, files in the old zip would remain), but it’s not used by the theme so it cannot cause any harm. Instead of having an argument over this I’m just going to update the theme.