Theme updates: Comet 1.4 and Renegade 2.2

Last Update:
Created On: August 9, 2010

Comet 1.4 & Renegade 2.2

  • Updated menu system for WordPress 3.0. Comet has two custom?menus?while Renegade only has one due to graphics looking odd with more.
  • New theme options page. Better interface due to use of graphics. Some options has been cut due to new menu system.

Update recommendation: due to the new theme options almost all files has been updated, so overwriting all files and then applying your old changes is recommended. basic.css and reset.css has been consolidated into the main style.css file.

I have moved a lot of theme options out of the functions.php file and into the core files (header.php, index.php, etc) so you will likely never have to go into function.php if you want to make some changes to the options any longer. Everything should also be properly commented so you understand what everything does.