Site redesign

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Created On: February 25, 2010

As you can see I have done (yet another) site redesign. Although the last one was pretty good, it didn’t exactly suit me like it should.

This time I went with a minimalistic design and straightforward simplicity. The logo already had the laurel leaves surrounding it, so it was just a small step to use the royal purple, or “tyrian purple” as it’s also known. I’m a person who like history, and Roman history most of all – something that could have been guessed from my Tribune theme.

This is the first design where I made use of custom fonts using TypeKit. The fonts used are Adelle for headings and menu, and Droid Sans for body text. Sadly I can’t use TypeKit on my downloadable themes since it’s?restricted?to a domain, but I might use open-source fonts if I come across any that works well with a design.

I will also start blogging a bit more here, and not just theme related posts. Having several places to blog about different things can be a nuisance, so I will post here about everything. I will also post short notices on theme updates and what has changed in each of them (instead of on the theme page like now).