Comet 1.2

Last Update:
Created On: February 4, 2010

It’s nice to see how many of you loved my latest theme Comet, and it seems I’m answering 4-5 questions and support issues every day about it. If you like it please spread the word.

Today version 1.2 of the theme is available on, and I thought I would go through some of the changes (that I remember) I have done to the theme since its release.

  • The Recent Comments, Twitter, and Search widgets are no longer in a fixed position in the sidebar, and can now we placed wherever you want in the standard widget interface. They are named “[FP] Recent Comments” and “[FP] Twitter”?respectively.
  • The Home link in the menu can now we turned off via the options page.
  • The post separator can now be turned off via the options page.
  • There is a new custom field to enter text that will appear in the footer.
  • There is a wide page template that can be assigned to any page. This expands the main column across the entire space and hides the sidebar. Info how to enable this on the Comet page.
  • Stylesheets moved back from its own folder to the main so editing to them via the Editor can be done.
  • …and numerous?tiny changes and corrections to the design.

If you have suggestions for changes or features you would like to see, please don’t hesitate to contact me about it.