On the Horizon

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Created On: April 13, 2009

codingThe three themes?Renegade,?Serenity?and Disciple II?have been sent over to WordPress.org for approval. Once they are available I will post a link to them on respective theme page.

While I wait I will start working on a revamp of the classic Disciple theme, since I have heard a lot of requests for that theme with the new features that was introduced in WordPress 2.7, like threaded comments. Originally the theme that is now known as Disciple II was going to be that revamp, but I overdid it a little and in the end it didn’t look like the original at all.

While the classic Disciple theme is?still available?on the WordPress site it is very out of date. It was the first theme I created for the public and like with everything practice gives experience, so there is a lot of stuff I would have done differently now; which is what I’m going to do. I will try making it look like the original as far as possible, meaning three columns, the art around the borders, the same fonts, and different color themes (hopefully with an options interface) but also with a lot of things I have learned after a long time of theme creation.

Other than that I have at least two more old designs of my blog that I plan to break down to public versions, as well as countless other themes – in various stages of development – that will keep the stream of themes coming for a long time. Stay tuned.