First Things First

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Created On: April 11, 2009

facepalm-bearMy name is Matt and I have been a webdesigner ever since I discovered Internet (bright colors, flashing animations and frames were the thing back then). Thankfully it has evolved and CSS really is the next best thing since sliced bread. Of course, the bright colors and flashing animations are still around, but you can’t save everyone.

Other than a passion for webdesign I’m also a reader of books and, probably because of that, a writer. Nothing gives a “pff, I can do this too” more than reading a thousand books. I have a blog that’s been around for almost a year about Warhammer Online, and it’s fairly popular. I also host a forum for Warhammer bloggers where we share blogging tips and advice, and talk about stuff that bloggers do.

So I’m a webdesigner and blogger, which led me to start delve into the themes to create my own custom design. From there it wasn’t far to start creating WordPress themes for other people. Since I’m a blogger myself I know what I want and do not want on a blog design, and I would never publish a theme that I wouldn’t use on my own blog. I’m my own critic – the evil kind who with a big red pen crush the dreams of young men.

My designs are often fairly simple in structure and I prefer to design with code rather than images. Blogs are meant to be lightweight and focus on the text, not artistic masterpieces. That’s not to say that my themes are ugly, quite the opposite; there is a beauty in simplicity and an attention to details. Check around on my themes and see for yourself.

What will be on the blog? I will post whenever a new theme is ready for download, when I update a theme, and maybe other stuff. Like cute facepalming polar bears.